Eine Prague Travel Card

Prague Travel card

The tariffs for Prague town location are divided in to Zones P and 0 (altogether, you will find 4 tariff areas the Prague location). Zone P features a doubled tariff worth and Zone 0 is divided in to Zones 0 and B – the edge stops zone.

Zone P includes the metro, trams, Prague trains and buses buses (outlines No‘s 100 – 299 and 501 – 599), the Petřín funicular, ferries and selected railway line sections.

Zone 0 includes buses from periphery places (outlines No‘s 300 – 399 and 601 – 620) running right through the Prague location, and picked railroad line areas.

No paid off fares for this tariff team.


These pertains: commencing on the day of turning the mandatory age and closing on the day preceding the afternoon where the age restriction is achieved.


For kids from 6 to 15 years of age N.B. and seniors from 65 to 70 years of age N.B. and who will be also travel card holders with evidence of their special fare entitlement (the price of the digital document – CZK 120, the price of the report document - CZK 20), the fare for a vacation in Prague (tariff zones P, 0 and B) is CZK 0.

Valid ISIC cards given when you look at the CR for full time pupils of secondary schools, tertiary technical schools, universities and post-secondary researches which are accredited by the Ministry of knowledge, Youth and Sports tend to be recognized when you look at the PIT system as certificates of study for passes and electronic fixed-period passes for Prague (tariff areas P and 0, incl. B). ISIC cards may also be used as a replacement document when it comes to PIT card for pupils 19 to 26 years. ISIC cards as a PIT card or certificate of study are acknowledged in PIT system always during the school/academic year that these people were granted or renewed by a prolongation mark and their validity may be verified electronically inside database of ISIC card holders run by GTS ALIVE, s.r.o.
ISIC cards and cards of pupils of particular universities – Czech Technical University in Prague, Charles University (like the Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design), Czech University of lifestyle Sciences, Institute of Chemical tech, Academy of Performing Arts – are accepted in PIT system without changes in the range of agreements on collaboration determined between these schools and PPT Co.

A grown-up traveler that is an owner of a valid pre-paid time solution might accompanied by 1 child up to age 15 (from decade responsibility to show the child‘s age) on Saturdays, Sundays and general public vacations totally free (excl. PIT trains). N.B.


With restricted optional substance starting in time frame between August fifteenth and November 1st.

Passes – fixed-period tickets could be bought without providing personal data, for example. these are generally transferable, and offer a passenger-selected legitimacy starting day in the year. Pertains to all groups above (not valid*).

The fare for transporting baggage or strollers without children is 16 CZK. Enough time and zone credibility of this ticket for luggage is equivalent to the time and zone credibility of this traveler's ticket. The utmost duration of the substance of this admission is 300 min.

The 24-hour fare for a dog maybe not in a provider within Prague town restrictions is 0 CZK (perhaps not relevant to PIT trains, nor towards AE bus line). Regarding AE range (Airport Express), the fare for your dog within the stretch Praha hl. letter. – Letiště is 30 CZK. In the outlying zones the fare for your dog maybe not in a carrier is 16 CZK (the full time and zone legitimacy of a ticket the fare is the same as the time and zone legitimacy regarding the solution associated with the passenger transporting puppy).

Strollers with infants tend to be transported free of charge.

Bicycles are transported totally free just in the metro, on ferries, regarding furnicular to Petřín and inside the designated times on chosen tram sections. On PIT trains, individuals with legitimate gap ticket can transport bicycles totally free.

Complimentary transportation pertains to luggage up to and including 25x45x70 cm, flat luggage up to 100x100x5 cm, tube-shaped luggage up to and including 150 cm long and 20 cm in diameter, creatures in carriers with proportions up to 25x45x70 cm, at most of the two sets of skis including skiing poles in one situation (skis maybe not in an instance aren't permitted on the transportation system), a snowboard or a shopping bag on wheels.

One-day and multi-day seats feature transport of just one product that is normally at the mercy of a transit fee, in their some time area legitimacy. This doesn't apply to trains being contained in Prague Integrated Transit.

Into the P, 0 and B zones in Prague anyone associated a kid under the age 3 qualifies for a totally free fare of CZK 0 (this is not applicable on PIT trains, nor on AE line nor on suburban bus lines within the outlying tariff zones), utilizing the proviso, but your youngster must-have either „Proof to be under 36 months of age“ (the cost with this requisite document is CZK 20) or a valid ID card or passport.

Transportation is free for the kids around the age of 6 N.B. (in PIT trains, at most of the two kiddies, using the second youngster devoid of the right to a different chair).

Except for PIT trains, people 70 and over N.B. (age must be shown with a PIT ID card, Czech ID card, EU identification card, permanent residence permit, a passport or a proof unique fare entitlement for seniors of over 70) #; holders of a Czech ZTP card, holders of a Czech ZTP-P card holders including wheelchair, escort and guide puppy, if accompanying the cardholder.

# For seniors 70 and over N.B., that are holders of Opencard with a recorded „Special fare certification for seniors older than 70" or utilizing the “Senior 70+” card in paper type (certificate price 20 CZK), the fare charged for trips on PIT trains within Prague (tariff zones P, 0 and B) is 0 CZK.

Passengers with a legitimate PIT ticket tend to be entitled within the City of Prague to move your dog totally free (not appropriate to PIT trains, nor towards AE coach range). In the outlying zones the fare for your pet dog not in a carrier is 16 CZK (the full time and area validity of a ticket for The fare is equivalent to the time and area validity associated with the violation for the passenger transporting puppy).

Young ones from 6 to 15 years old N.B. (with the obligation to submit the proof a valid „Special fare recommendation for a child from 6 to fifteen years old" recorded on an opencard or utilizing the “Child at the age 6-15” card in report kind); kids from 6 to 10 years of age N.B. require just an identification card certified by its issuer (a business entity) with title, surname, date of beginning and an image; seniors from 65 to 70 years old N.B. (with the obligation to send the evidence of a valid „Special fare endorsement for a senior from 65 to 70 years of age" recorded on an opencard or with the “Senior at the age 65-70” card in report type); the buying price of the electronic proof special fare entitlement is CZK 120, the price tag on the paper document is CZK 20.

Seniors over 70 N.B. (in PIT trains aided by the obligation to submit the proof „Special fare endorsement for seniors 70 and over" recorded in the Opencard or utilizing the “Senior 70+” card in paper form); endorsement price is 20 CZK.

Source: www.dpp.cz
Fortune Cookies Business Cards (at Travel Massive Prague)
Fortune Cookies Business Cards (at Travel Massive Prague)
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