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What is Prague like?

“Do you love staying in Prague?” This really is a question I’m usually asked by Czech people after they find that I’m not a tourist but that I’ve in fact chosen to call home and work here. Numerous Czechs cannot realize why someone from west Europe could actually wish come and completely have a home in their particular country.

The exact same question is also usually posed by English-speaking visitors who join us for worship at St. Clement’s Anglican Episcopal Church by family if they compose or talk to me. So for my very first post of 2011, I’m going to set out a few of the reasons why i love residing specifically in Prague plus commonly in the Czech Republic. Several of those I’ve pointed out in earlier posts so there are an inevitable number of links to things I’ve written formerly in this weblog.

Trains And Buses

Extremely cheap – Last week, Sybille and I also went along to restore our annual season tickets for the Prague public transport system. It cost all of united states 4750 Kc – at current trade prices, simply over £160.00 / €193.00 / US0.00. For this amount we can travel anywhere in Prague, at any time, for an entire 12 months! The Church reimburses me personally for my period pass – we only have to pay money for Sybille’s.

Integrated – Each part of the system backlinks to the other. At Dejvicka, current terminal associated with A/Green type of the Metro therefore the closest Metro station to the level, you walk out associated with the section and immediately prior to you is place where buses depart to simply take you on further in to the suburbs or even to the airport. The Dopravní podnik hravního mesta Prahy or dpp for short, have an excellent internet site that speaks Czech, English and German. Devote the kick off point of journey as well as your location, the time you either need start or arrive after which mouse click. Out comes a journey program with times, where to transfer from one form of transport to another, etc.

Frequent – If you know where you are going and you're going on a weekday between 07.00 and 19.00, there is no genuine should look at the dpp internet site. As soon as you reach your point of departure you'll only have to wait a couple of minutes at most. Even on Sunday mornings, there clearly was a tram every twenty minutes which will just take united states from Podbaba tram terminus near our flat, all the way to Dlouhá Trída, just around the corner from St. Clement’s Church.

Reliable – there is certainly a timetable and nearly always, it is honored. Often buses and trams get delayed by various other vehicular traffic, but often just at peak times. As soon as it snows, every little thing keeps running – it willn’t work to a halt like in Britain.

It'sn’t simply in the city of Prague. The Czech Republic, along with Slovakia, has the densest rail system of any country in entire of European countries. One person in my congregation life in Milovice, about 50 km through the center of Prague. However in 45 mins, he is able to travel by train to the town centre then have a 10 minute walk to Church. We don’t exactly understand what his railway fare is for the return trip but he guarantees me it is extremely reasonable.

Consuming and Drinking

Prague has an abundance of bar-restaurants. And offered you avoid the costly visitor traps within the town center, ‘eating out’ may be remarkably cheap. As I’ve written previously, some single folks tell me that it is usually less expensive for them to ‘eat completely’ rather than buy meals from the grocery store and prepare for themselves.

The picture on remaining is of U Topolu which, , is becoming our favourite regional destination to drink and eat. A main course right here, despite having a side dish, costs a maximum of 150 Kc / £5.00. The high quality is great and portions tend to be substantial.

The further great attraction at U Topolu is the beer. As well as Pilsner Urquell and Gambrinus, they will have Kozel beer, directly from tank. It is light, fresh and costs 26 Kc for half a litre. In British terms that is under £1.00 a pint! Exactly what much more do i must say?

Architecture and Buildings

As I’ve formerly written, Prague suffered remarkably little architectural damage during the 2nd World War. And whilst many historic structures experienced several years of neglect during the Communist period, since 1989, great effort was put into restoration. What exactly is truly pleasing is how good renovation work happens to be done.

This photograph is of a building just around the corner from where my dental practitioner has actually her surgery when you look at the area of Vinohrady. It is comprised of residential flats on four flooring with shops on the floor floor degree. But as you can plainly see, all of the complex detail above the windows for each amount happens to be lovingly restored, alongside the ironwork that types the railings to each balcony. Also, the render on the exterior for the building has-been fixed before being attractively coated.

These structures are typical of the which form much of the internal suburbs of Prague. Yes – there are still people like these which are crumbling. But progressively they're a minority. And in place of wholesale demolition, structures like these are now being maintained and their interiors sympathetically modernised.

I really could compose and illustrate a number of websites concerning the structure of Prague that we promise i shall do throughout the coming months. But for enough time being, simply i'd like to say that walking the roads regarding the centre of Prague, alongside the inner city suburbs, is obviously a delight on eyes.

Not too large although not too tiny

There are many even more items that I could list why i prefer residing here in Prague, but this post is probably long enough already. And yes – there's also a small amount of things that I don’t like. However they are small irritants set alongside the joy of located in this delightful town.

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