Prague attractions map

Map of Prague attractions

prague castle main entranceThese main Prague tourist attractions are the key points on town. Give consideration to them become type of a high 10 list of the primary Prague places and interesting locations to see.

These are associated with the SHOULD SEE variety. Definitely there are countless various other places, but these would be the main attractions.

Below you'll find brief notes on each destination, some sightseeing tips and our Prague tourist attractions chart. Remember though... the answer to Prague would be to explore. Do not let any selection of "main" tourist attractions stop you from getting off the outdone path.

Principal Prague Tourist Attractions

These very first five destinations will be the best destinations. Fortunately, they seemingly connect to both in Prague's city center. If you have a grasp of where they're, then you'll have a definite blueprint on town.

Prague Castle may be the absolute top of Prague. It's the seat of Czech government plus the biggest functioning palace on the planet. You can easily invest on a daily basis right here without going into an individual building. Read more.

Charles Bridge is unforgettable. It is saturated in legends, statues and unlimited photo ops. The bridge virtually types a beautiful relationship between Lesser Town and Old Town and feels as though the heart of town using Vltava River streaming underneath. Read more

Old Town (Staré Město) is recognized as by many people is the absolute center of Prague.

The very best emphasize could be the primary

Wenceslas Square could be the commercial hub of city. It boasts a variety of stores, restaurants, clubs and accommodations. The square itself is a fundamental element of Prague's record. It has been the scene of protests and public gatherings for many years, specifically for the anti-communist rallies of 1989. Read more.

The Jewish one-fourth, or Josefov, is a really interesting area. It is a small form of the former Jewish Ghetto which was mostly damaged in 19th century. These days the region is showcased by various museums and also the spectacular old cemetery. Find out more

Even More Prague Destinations

This Prague clock is one of the most mesmerizing tourist attractions for the entire city. I really could gaze at it all day. Its effective details tend to be awesome. And therefore experience comes even without witnessing its per hour screen, that you simply don't desire to miss either. Turned out to be spellbound! Find out more.

The Strahov Monastery is an attractive destination which often gets over looked. It dates from twelfth century and that can be paired with a visit to your palace. We recommend a trip at the very least to start to see the collection and also for the views associated with town from its hilltop perch. Wonderful! Find out more.

Vyšehrad Castle is a wonderful destination only outside the buzz of tourist-zone. Take a day or even a few hours to see this other side of without regret. Vyšehrad is an expansive fortress with calm views, a little nature and a multitude of various other places. We strongly recommend a visit. Find out more.

The Loreta is another great place to combine with the castle. This Catholic pilgrimmage website is a fine assortment of baroque buildings and legend. The highlight here is the 17th century replica of Santa Casa - the Sacred home associated with the Virgin Mary. Read more.

Malá Strana - is recognized as Lesser Town, however it might just end up being the many charming an element of the town. Okay, so it's not an attraction per se, nevertheless roads and structures of this location will shock and will truly convince that return to Prague. And, there are less tourists among its little streets and home gardens compared to Old Town. Read more.

Petřin may be the town's biggest green location. Its small Eiffel Tower offers dazzling views, but there is a lot more here.

Petřin includes

The Newborn Jesus of Prague is a tiny statuette housed in a church not not even close to Charles Bridge in Malá Strana. This little figure may be the beginning of just one more legend and evidently has actually miraculous abilities. Find out more.

Obecní Dum (Municipal House) is a dazzling building from very early twentieth century. Its design was the collaboration of several performers including .

When the climate actually cooperating, never miss an opportunity to see many of these galleries in Prague.

Map of tourist attractions

This will be our chart of some of the main tourist attractions in Prague. Most are walking distance from both. Many people think about this to-be the "town center."

So, if the hotel or apartment is within this picture you will feel really central. Of course, this chart just highlights a number of Prague's tourist attractions - just the tip associated with iceberg!

How much time do you need?

Unless you have much time, you can see many Prague tourist attractions in one single or 2 days. But, you can expect to feel stressed with these types of a brief stay.

prague astronomical time clock strahov monastery prague
Prague from the roof of the Dancing House / Prag vom Dach
Prague from the roof of the Dancing House / Prag vom Dach ...
NOMAD IN PRAGUE 2 Czech Republic [Wenceslas Square] #1 of 4
NOMAD IN PRAGUE 2 Czech Republic [Wenceslas Square] #1 of 4
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