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It ended up being during a trip from buddies that we detected an email of concern. Worries of getting into a restaurant that had a Czech menu without English translation. We went in and I ordered Czech food from a Czech menu for all leading to a fantastic dinner and everyone agreeing your cabbage ended up being never this great in England. In those days we sat down and tried to work out the easiest way of presenting the common visitor to Czech food, restaurant etiquette and tipping Czech style. Therefore below you will find my Czech meals and menu guide.

As you shop around a Czech restaurant, initial question is locations to stay. You would not generally be shown to a table. A Czech restaurant often won't have no smoking cigarettes places. A restaurant may have tables for four or six people and it's also typical rehearse to ask someone when you can to use their particular dining table if no other individuals are free. The essential simple phrase to find out if seats are no-cost should ask "je to volno" (yeah also volno). Unless there's a really definite shake of the head, this means you'll sit back. Be cautious of hearing your message "no" like in Czech it is a shortened version of the term "ano" this means yes. Look at the mannerisms of the person currently in the dining table. Congratulations, you have got simply sat down.

You are going to now be approached by a waiter who'll provide you with the selection and instantly ask "co si date k piti" (just what would you like to drink). You might not grasp the Czech expression but, they will be waiting for your drinks order. You have options, "pivo prosim" (beer please) this should enable you to get a 0.3l glass of the house alcohol but maybe you are asked if you need "male nebo velke" (ma-lay neb-oh vel-kay) little or big (0.5l cup). Perhaps you are inquired about the potency of the alcohol and you will hear the waiter say your message decitku (des-seet-koo) this implies a Czech beer with a strength of 10 degrees (UK 4.5per cent) that is standard here. If in doubt simply state normal or normaal.

If you want juice, a restaurant will stock orange pomerancovy (pomeran-chovee) & most stock multivitamin (moolti-vitameen). There perhaps a concern of simply how much juice. The Czechs have a certain measurement labeled as deci (dessy) and a 0.3l glass of liquid in Czech could be tri deci (tree dessy).

To order two beers for instance you can say "dvakrat male pivo prosim" (dvakraat ma-lay pivoh proseem) or even for two orange drinks "dvakrat pomerancovy dzus prosim" (dvakraat pomeran-chovee dyoos proseem)

If you're yourself replacement the word dvakrat (two of) using word jedno (jednoh - one of). Congratulations, you've got only ordered your beverage.

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Download Prague Czech Republic Travel Guide - Sightseeing
Download Prague Czech Republic Travel Guide - Sightseeing ...
Restaurants in Prague - Na Brezance restaurant - Czech
Restaurants in Prague - Na Brezance restaurant - Czech ...
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