Information on Prague s

Information on Prague

The environment in Prague, along with the whole Czech Republic is temperate, a combination of oceanic and continental. The average cold weather temperature is 5 levels C, normal summer heat is 20 Celsius levels.

Weather Condition

Prague is a town that stays gorgeous and breathtaking not only during summer time, but throughout all year periods. For actual information about climate forecasts be sure to visit Prague 7 days weather condition forecast


The official language is needless to say Czech, a really stunning, yet quite difficult to learn Slavic language. In primary tourist attractions English/German/Spanish is spoken. However, many times it beneficial to have a look at our mini phrasebook. You will never know whenever you will have to say “help” or “thank you”.

Prague news portals

In case you are an information devourer and want to be up-to-date with what Prague is concerned, we recommend the Abc Prague News making use of their events schedule in addition to broadcast Prague. As soon as truth be told there, it is possible to thought we would take a look at the brand new mag, learn some things about the Czech language making use of their good ABC of Czech, understand Czech science, tradition, record and why perhaps not listen to live radio shows and songs.

Public phones

General public phones tend to be all over the place in Prague. Being use many you will need a telephone card that may be bought from any magazine or smoking stand. The worthiness of cards differs from 100 to 200 CZK (from 3 to 7 EUR). From place to location there are additionally phone boots that work on coins (2, 5, 10, 20 CZK).

State vacations:

  • 1st of January – Day of Renovation regarding the Independent Czech State
  • 8th of Might – Liberation Day (1945)
  • 5th of July – Cyril and Methodius Day – the Slavic Christianity Prophets
  • 6th of July – Master John Hus burning at risk (1415)
  • 28th of September – day's the Czech Statehood
  • 28th of October – Independent Czechoslovak State Proclamation Day (1918)
  • 17th of November – Day of challenging for Liberty and Democracy

Various other vacations:

  • 1st of January – brand new Year’s Day
  • Easter Monday
  • 1st of May – Labour Day (May-day)
  • 24th of December – Xmas Eve
  • 25th of December – Xmas Day
  • 26th of December – Boxing-day

Currency – currency exchange

  • Czech Crown – Czech symbolization “Kc”, international logo “CZK”
  • 1 CZK = 100 haler, Czech representation “h”
  • Coins: 50h and 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 CZK
  • Banknotes: 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 CZK

In many stores bank cards are acknowledged, in shopping centers isn't uncommon to pay for also in Euro, British pounds or dollars – the change may be came back in CZK.


Like just about everywhere worldwide, tipping is a typical rehearse inside Czech Republic also. The intercontinental standards (10-12%) is obviously welcomed, no waiter can look weird at you though if including you round off a bill of 285 CZK to 300 CZK… Nobody expects you to deliver your calculator along towards the restaurant and count exactely 12per cent or even more… You are a tourist, so feel, don’t bother about recommendations!

Postal service

Postal service is well represented in Prague. You will find a postoffice beginning the airport as much as the Prague Castle. The orange postoffice bins in Prague tend to be emptied everyday.

  • Domestic Letters/Postcards: 7.50 CZK
  • International Letters/Postcards: Europe 9 CZK – Overseas CZK

The busiest and biggest post-office is Main Post Office, Prague 1 (Ceská posta – Posta Prague 1 – Hlavní posta) Jindrisská 909/14, Prague 1 – New Town110 00, available from 2:00 to 24:00 hours.

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Information Stone About Jan Neruda In Prague Stock Video ...
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