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Travel from Frankfurt to Prague

Frankfurt Principal Station - Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof:
The Frankfurt Main stop is among the largest train channels in European countries and it is positioned just west of this town center. A lot more than 350, 000 tourists use this station every day. To be able to handle this great amount of traffic, the main place has more than 25 systems in five deviation halls.
Address: 60329 Am Hauptbahnhof, Frankfurt (Main)
View location on map: Google chart

Frankfurt Airport Train Station - Frankfurt Flughafen:
The Frankfurt Airport is among the 3rd busiest airports in Europe and contines to expand by the addition of brand-new runaways and terminals . The Frankfurt Flughafen station may be the biggest airport place in Germany and at this time has actually numerous terminals linked by corridors like the Fernbahnhof which hosts cross country trains, with regional trains stopping during the local Bahnhof. Really convenient to use this station as a starting point for your German trip, taking a trip by rail…of course!
The Frankfurt Airport has many restaurants and several are open twenty four hours.
Address: 60547- Principal, Frankfurt
View location on chart: yahoo map

Transportation from the Frankfurt Airport Train Station:

Train: AIRail Terminal
Frequent S Bahn and local trains to Frankfurt Main stop, taking 11-12 minutes
Long distance teaches to things all-around Germany, along with Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands place: alongside Terminal 1, platforms 4 to 7

Both railroad channels are connected to Terminal 2 via buses while the sky-line.
Bus: 61, 68, 73, 975 Location: Terminal 1

Taxi: Taxis available at both Terminals
Hours: 24 hours
Expense: 20- 30 Euro

Below some recommendations:
Frankfurt Card

TGV Assistance
There is certainly a location reserved for you on-board every TGV train consisting of: 4 especially modified seating a button to phone the ticket inspector to help you usage of the adapted commodes. This location is situated in first class, it is available with a second class solution.

ICE - DB Bahn Aid
Individuals with reduced transportation can purchase Deutsche Bahn's Mobility provider a lot more quickly. Whoever requires help with boarding, alighting or switching trains throughout their trip - as an example a wheelchair system lift - can perform so conveniently with instant impact on the world wide web besides.

The local service staff are going to be pleased to work with you whenever boarding, alighting or switching trains. Owing to the brief stopping times but these are typically unable to come with you to definitely your chair.

Will likely to be required your coach and seat number on long-distance trains in order for we can always have the support you require. On regional trains, please show for which you will likely be sitting as opposed to the booking - e.g. 1st coach/front of train.

You can reserve your seats and then make bookings available and, if you wish, in addition send all of them to you personally. You can easily order those by telephone on +49 (0) 1806/512 512 (telephone calls recharged). You are able to contact us everyday from 06:00 to 22:00 (MET).

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#TheTravelDiaries Prague
#TheTravelDiaries Prague
Frankfurt to Prague
Frankfurt to Prague
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