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Renting a Flat, Prague

Searching for an appartment no matter where you live could be a daunting knowledge - increase that the anxiety of performing so in a foreign country and it will be completely off-putting. Whether you are dealing with a realtor or going it alone, hold these simple realities at heart to make the process more workable. Successful hunting!

1. Furnished vs. unfurnished: Be flexible. Remain open-minded while you look for an appartment. If you learn an unfurnished level that fulfills your needs but haven´t got the furniture to fill it up, usually do not think twice to ask in the event that destination could be furnished. In many cases the owner should be prepared to achieve this for a negotiable greater lease repayment. Alternatively, if you discover a furnished apartment that you´d rather furnish your self, ask the owner to get rid of a number of the furnishings. There clearly was a high probability you can accomplish it.

2. Inspect the house very carefully. If you will find apparent damages, ask if repair works will likely be made later, to make sure you aren´t blamed for all of them. Such troublesome areas must be noted in the rent: either by you agreeing to live along with it and/or landlord agreeing to correct it by a particular day. Also evaluate wall space shared with adjoining flats. The greater walls in keeping, the greater the possibility of sound from nearby.

3. Get to know the area. Understand a nearby before making any huge choices. In which are the closest tram, metro, or coach outlines? Where´s the supermarket? Is there any building happening that'll cause you sleepless evenings or up-too-early mornings within the next couple of weeks? For those who have kids or pets, are there any green rooms within hiking distance?

4. Focus on parking. Could you park from the road totally free? Or even, inquire about various other parking options. Understand that if you view a-flat during the day it might appear like there are many bare parking places, but these will likely be filled by night. Renting a parking place from a tenant within building who has gotn´t got an automobile, or from a tenant at another building close by, are an option. Expect to spend 1, 500 CZK-3, 000 CZK/month. Newer structures typically function such local rental options.

5. Watch out for concealed charges. In more recent buildings, many old ones, also, you have to spend not merely the utilities but an upkeep fee for typical places, like the storage, garden, staircase, elevator, etc. Your share of creating upkeep can cost from 1, 000 CZK/month to a couple thousand, on the basis of the size (in m²) of your flat. These costs won´t likely be pointed out during negotiations and so they may well not also appear in the contract. Inquiring about maintenance charges up-front, such as the typical fee when it comes to previous year or two, is the only way understand for several.

6. Dominate the utilities. It´s highly recommended which you ask the landlord to transfer most of the utilities to your name at the start of the lease contract. Why? You will end up in direct contact with the companies providing you with water, gas, and electrical energy which means you will pay for exactly what you employ without extra problems through the landlord. (Utilities overcharges is another way to obtain hidden costs.) TIP: conserve money by learning to operate your gas home heating. Shut down the warmth entirely during summer; don´t just decrease the heat of home heating device. This can guarantee a lesser resources costs.

7. Clarify “must-haves” and keep carefully the realtor on task. When working with a real estate agent, save precious time by giving an e-mail or making a phone call on agent before the viewing. List your non-negotiable/must-have requirements for possible flats (lease, elevator, parking, range spaces, etc.) yet again. You´d be surprised discover that in spite of how demonstrably you've got specified your requirements the first time around, the realtor will, in some instances, nonetheless just take you to definitely view a flat that´s missing several among these essentials.

8. Love, or about like, your landlord. If the landlord doesn´t make a good impression when you view the flat, or you simply fail to connect, it´s best to continue your search. No matter how much you like his/her flat, if you can´t communicate openly and comfortably with the owner, you may find yourself moving out after a few months or, worse, living with continuous stress. Far better to recognize it now and save your self trouble (and perhaps cash) in the future.

9. Constantly, always negotiate. Don´t hesitate to negotiate the purchase price, in reality it´s practically essential! The worst you are getting is a solution of no. Generally, the owner is ready to negotiate though probably won´t drop in terms of you´d like. At the least you´ll understand you gave it an attempt and, if there is one, perhaps you are happily surprised by the counter provide.

10. Test your rent with a vital attention. This is certainly obvious, but necessary, advice. In fact, you could find out small differences when considering the Czech form of the rent and the English translation. Constantly clarify: simply how much notice is needed ahead of going? What size a deposit must you make (first and last month´s rent plus safety)? Simply how much cleansing is necessary before you can get your deposit back? These also crucial terms must certanly be clarified if your wanting to sign something.

We simply take these elements into account to ensure complete customer care and pleasure throughout the house search.

Prague Solutions, s.r.o. is a company which provides help to recently relocated people plus the expatriate neighborhood at large. We are able to assist you with your house search in addition to a number of other facets of the change alive in Prague via our special phone support line only for expats. For further information go to the ReloCare website.

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