Old Prague Hostel: the best

Prague cheap hostels

Stick to us and relish the time in downtowns

We've good big areas with exclusive bathroom and nearly daily we've no-cost programme for the friends. Our company is however doing a bit of things - cooking dinner, walking trip around the palace or club crawling! Join united states 100% free :-)

About us
Prague hostel Downtown is a cosy hostel right in the historic center of Prague - just 5 min walk from OldTown and Wenceslas Square and.5 minutes walk to Charles Bridge too!!!
Tall accommodation standard - motels rooms for hostel costs in hostel atmosphere***

What is TOTALLY FREE in Downtown?
computers with net connection near by the reception
WIFI in every rooms
sheets, bedding, towels(for refundable deposit) included
lockers in all dormitory rooms
luggage storage space
safe within reception
chart of Prague
great kitchen area (self-service)
TV-lounge room
strategies for trips
metal to borrow

What's for FUN in Downtown?
dining table football & piano & guitar
group of animators :-)
games to lend at the reception (chess, cards etc.)
Rock club (Vagon), jazz club (Reduta), stone & pop club (Rock Cafe) all about 50 meters from united states.

Services in Downtown
24 hours open reception work desk
English-speaking staff open to answer your concerns
Complete information solution about Prague and Czech Republic

We served the morning meal for CZK 100 - 'all it is possible to consume' each morning between 8-11 am. Get straight at reception work desk!

What you should like in Downtown?
brand new furniture inside rooms
decoration within the rooms - it really is room of younger artist
stunning view across roofs of Prague ( fifth + 6th flooring areas!)

The cost is fixed, further rebate with discount cards is certainly not possible.

Our FUN staff team (Mirek, Gil, Brent, Bernice, George and Martin) has been doing programm for the friends usually everyday free-of-charge (virtually). Principal events are: Prague Castle stroll, Old Town stroll, Petrin Hill trip, Cooking and Baking sessions, Ghost journey, Beer Tour, Beer and Wine Tasting, Piano Karaoke night, Morning run and much more. These activities are ordinary but in accordance with weather there could be some change or update :-)

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Prague Hotels, Book Cheap & Discount Hotels in Prague
Prague Hotels, Book Cheap & Discount Hotels in Prague ...
Prague Central Hostels - Prague Square Hostel
Prague Central Hostels - Prague Square Hostel
Prague Square Hostel
Prague Square Hostel
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