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Prague hl.n

Thetrainline europe makes it simple to plan and reserve passes for train journeys from Prague hl.n. across European countries.

Train schedule for

This might be an average weekday schedule for trains departing from Prague hl.n. section.

You will find around 626 trains departing from Prague hl.n. station:

  • 8 Highspeed trains
  • 77 Intercity trains
  • 136 local trains
  • 405 neighborhood trains
  • The initial train departs Prague hl.n. section at 00:01
  • The very last train departs Prague hl.n. section at 23:58

Please be aware that train times may transform on the day of vacation, and a reduced routine with a lot fewer solutions will work on vacations and public breaks.

Time Train kind Train quantity Final location
Benesov u Prahy
Kralupy nad Vltavou
Berlin Hbf (tief)
Usti nad Labem hl.n.
Mlada Boleslav hl.n.
Brno hl.n.
Hradec Kralove hl.n.
München Hbf
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Czech railways: Intercity train arriving at Prague Hl.N
Czech railways: Intercity train arriving at Prague Hl.N ...
Arrival of OBB train at Prague/Praha Hl.n
Arrival of OBB train at Prague/Praha Hl.n
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