Hotel Merlin Prague

The romantic Hotel Merlin is a pleasant, three-star accommodation in the middle of Prague from the finance companies regarding the Vltava River. Resort Merlin Prague provides accommodation into the breathtaking center of Prague, located close to the metro station "Karlovo náměstí" (yellow range B).

Accommodation Resort Merlin Prague

Resort Merlin Prague provides accommodation in a renovated secession household, in a peaceful the main center. Rooms in Hotel Merlin are furnished in a homely, cosy design and resort Merlin offers raise services.

Restaurant in Resort Merlin Prague

"Stara doba restaurant" is a component of this 'resort Merlin' complex while offering another garden that'll enhance your relaxing stay in Prague. Breakfast is not included in the cost of accommodation. However, breakfast are purchased for a tiny extra charge in the reception. Breakfast is served daily within our restaurant Stara doba.
If you like self-catering, then we are able to offer flats with kichen facilities within Hotel Merlin.

Street parking is available right outside Hotel Merlin and then we can provide prepaid parking card (has to be booked ahead of time). As an alternative protected garages can be found (100m distant) costing 20 Euro a day.
Free Web Wi-Fi accessibility
Wi-Fi link is free in entire hotel.

Parking places

Street parking can be obtained right outside Hotel Merlin and we can offer prepaid parking card (should be scheduled ahead of time). Alternatively secure garages can be obtained (100m remote) costing 20 Euro per day.

Historic internet sites from Resort Merlin Prague

Many famose sites is reached from resort within effortless hiking distance, using aproximately only 10-15 moments. Sites include the 'Charles Bridge', National Theatre, the Old Town Square, Hradcany, Wenceslas Square...

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