Czech Republic national holidays

These is a list of the nationwide breaks noticed in the Czech Republic. Most workplaces, businesses and regional shops near and public transport timetables follow the Sunday schedule.

In 2015, ten out from the after twelve community vacations fall on a weekday. Office workers rejoice: this is the highest price of holidays/workdays possible inside Czech diary.

Thursday, 1 January: New Year’s Day/Czech Independence Day (Nový rok/Den obnovy samostatného českého státu)
Not just initial day of the year, but also a party of this renovation of Czech Republic, which officially split with Slovakia on January 1st, 1993. Czech saying: Jak na Nový rok, tak po celý rok, meaning: ‘as on New Year’s Day, so will be the new year’. In addition: don’t eat chicken for New Year’s supper, lest your chance for the year ahead fly away.

Monday, 6 April: Easter Monday (Velikonoční pondělí)
Really the only movable vacation in the Czech calendar. Czech custom: ladies are outdone (perhaps not viciously) with whips made of willow sticks on Easter Monday. Guys get coated eggs or shots of plum brandy (slivovice) in substitution for whipping of females. Instead, or additionally, ladies is thrown into chilled water (ideally a stream, though a bathtub will suffice).

Friday, 1 May: Labor Day (Svátek práce)
Global Workers’ Day in several countries (though maybe not the usa or UK). Also referred to as May Day, this day is celebrated for different explanations around the world. Head to Petřín slope and revitalize your love life with a kiss under one of the numerous blossom-laden woods on its mountains, a tradition left-over from a pagan fertility rite.

Friday, 8 May: Liberation Day (Den osvobození)
Date tagging Czech liberation from Germany after the 2nd World War. Germany finalized the terms of surrender may 8, 1945, as well as the German military in Prague surrendered on the morning of May 9.

Sunday (Den slovanských věrozvěstů Cyrila a Metoděje)
Date commemorating the spiritual educators St. Cyril and St. Methodius, just who translated Christian literature in to the Slavic language in ninth century.

Monday, 6 July: Jan Hus time (Den upálení mistra Jana Husa)
Date commemorating spiritual reformer Jan Hus, who was simply burned at the risk on July 6, 1415. July 5-6 frequently combine to create a lengthy weekend of leisure, preferably spent at a summer cottage.

Monday, 28 September: St. Wenceslas Day/Czech Statehood Day (Den české státnosti)
Commemorating St. Wenceslas, the patron saint of Czech men and women while the Czech Republic, who had been killed in September of 929 or 935 (there are a few discrepancies concerning the year of their demise). Czech statehood normally celebrated with this time.

Wednesday, 28 October: Independent Czechoslovak State Day (Den vzniku samostatného československého státu)
Date for the foundation of Czechoslovakia, which declared freedom from Hapsburg Empire at the end of World War I.

Tuesday, 17 November: battle for Freedom and Democracy Day (Den boje za svobodu a demokracii)
Date commemorating the beginning of the Velvet Revolution in 1989. Student demonstrations on 17 November (Overseas Students’ time) noted the start of the end for the communist regime in Czechoslovakia.

Thursday, 24 December: Christmas time Eve (Štědrý den)
The primary xmas gathering in Czech Republic – the full time when gift suggestions tend to be exchanged and a conventional Christmas dinner (carp soup, fried carp, carp surprise, etc.) is offered.

Friday, 25 December: Christmas Day (1. svátek vánoční)
More Christmas gatherings with prolonged household, however the primary gathering within the Czech Republic occurs on xmas Eve.

Saturday, 26 December: Second day's Christmas (2. svátek vánoční)
Celebrated as boxing-day in the UK and Canada, the Czech Republic formally recognizes the date as the “Second day's Christmas”, or St. Stephen’s Day, as it is celebrated in a lot of other countries. St. Stephen ended up being the very first Christian martyr, however the time is typically celebrated as expansion of Christmas that its Czech title indicates.

Listed here are culturally essential times in Czech Republic but they are maybe not general public holidays:

27 January: Remembrance of Victims regarding the Holocaust (Den památky obětí holokaustu)
Date in honor of people who died during Holocaust. On January 27, 1945, the focus camp at Osvětim (Auschwitz) ended up being liberated.

8 March: International Women’s Day (Mezinárodní den žen)
International holiday in honor of women, celebrated by many people European countries and acknowledged by the us.

12 March: Czech Republic inputs NATO (Vstup České republiky do NATO) (Květnové povstání českého lidu)
Date marking the Czech uprising against German occupation during the early might, 1945. May 5 was the time the uprising spread to Prague.

27 Summer: Remembrance of this Victims associated with the Communist Regime (Den památky obětí komunistického režimu)
Date remembering those who passed away under communism. Political activist Milada Horáková was performed on June 27, 1950, because of the communist regime.

11 November: Veterans’ Day (Den válečných veteránů)
International vacation recalling individuals who have served inside military. 1st World War formally finished in the eleventh hour, associated with eleventh time, regarding the eleventh thirty days in 1918.

Identify Days
Each day of the season is sold with a Czech name (or brands) is celebrated. It's quite common rehearse to give flowers (or some other present) on a person’s Name Day – you’ll notice a number of the rose stores around city frequently list name times on a blackboard outside. For a full a number of Name times see here.

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