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If you understand the climate in Prague, it will make it much easier for you to plan your trip. Details on a short term forecast are available online, but a longer term forecast based on climatic trends will give you a good base on what to expect in each season. Prague is actually known for its weather extremes so be sure to pack accordingly and be prepared in advance.

Temperatures and Weather Conditions in Prague

The city of Prague experiences a continental climate that is greatly influenced by weather patterns coming in from Siberia to the east and from the Atlantic to the west. In fact, the city is also known for its extreme weather from brutally cold winters to hot summers. In between, the weather is pleasant in both the spring and fall months and therefore, this is usually the best time to visit the city. While the average temperatures are the warmest in July and August with average highs of approximately 23 degrees Celsius, it is not uncommon for temperatures to climb to 35 degrees over the same time period. Winters can also be cold with temperatures getting as cold as -15 degrees Celsius on occasion. Snow is actually rare in the city, but it can happen. Overall, Prague will receive 525 millimeters of precipitation over the course of a full year. This precipitation is fairly evenly distributed over twelve months with the wettest time coming between May and August. The winter months are generally a little bit drier. No matter when you visit, you will want to have either rain gear or an umbrella with you just to be on the safe side.

Weather in Winter

While winter in Prague can be quite cold, it is also a great time to visit the city. When it snows, the city looks like a fairly land and there is plenty to do, especially for those who love concerts and the opera. Also, keep in mind that many tourist destinations will have reduced hours because it will get dark as early as 4:00 in December and January and 5:00 in February. Be sure to pack warm clothes including a heavy coat and shoes that will keep your feet warm as you explore the city.

Spring is considered to be one of the best times to visit Prague since the weather is mild and not too hot or oppressive. In addition, the city’s numerous gardens are in full bloom and the hotel rates are still very reasonable. The weeks in early spring might still be chilly, but from mid-April until May, the weather will only continue to get warmer with each passing day.

Weather in Summer

Summer in the city can be oppressive with highs climbing to near 35 degrees Celsius on occasion. Summers can also be oppressive with high humidity values from June until the middle of September. While some of the residents head to cooler regions, there is still plenty to do during this time as tourist destinations are open late and many restaurants have areas where you can sit outdoors and enjoy the warmer weather while enjoying dinner and a drink. However, afternoon rain showers are common so keep an umbrella with you late in the day.

Weather in Fall

Autumn is also one of the best times to visit the city of Prague. The brightly colored trees offer spectacular views and the days are usually still filled with sunshine as this is one of the driest times of the year. The end of the season can start getting cold, so early fall is generally the best time to visit.

Off season – January to March and November

This can be a good time to visit the city if you don’t mind the cold weather. The crowds are usually much thinner and visitors can get good deals on airfare and hotel rooms. November can also be a good time to visit before it gets really cold and the snows begin to set in.

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