Things to do in prague dancing

Best things to do in Prague

Today I’m excited to share 8 tips for what to see and do in one of my favorite European cities, PRAGUE.

1 | Go on the Taste of Prague Tour.

Seriously, the best tour I’ve ever been on, ever. The tour kicks off with a shot of home-made Slivovitz (plum brandy) then followed by a walking tour of the city with pitstops at four restaurants. Expect fantastic food (immediately delivered to the table upon arrival to each restaurant – I felt like a celebrity), an entertaining and educated guide and gaining a much better understanding of the city’s complex history. Note: Taste of Prague did NOT endorse this suggestion.

2 | Visit the Astronomical Clock and Old Town Square.

It’s hard to avoid this major tourist attraction, but admittedly, it’s pretty cool and definitely worth a stop. Enter the doors just below the clock and you’ll be whisked up to the top of the bell tower for beautiful views of the city.

3 | Embrace the coffee culture.

Coffee is incredibly popular in Prague, probably because they know exactly how to make the perfect cup. Some of my favorite coffee spots are: Kafka Cafe (directly below, I loved the decor), Cafe Savoy (oh man, the breakfast there is unbelievable) and I Need Coffee (authentic local spot, fast and reasonable).

You’ll see these babies spinning all throughout the streets. Beware, they are terribly addictive. Rolled cylindrical pastries, they’re served hot and coated in cinnamon and sugar. They literally melt in your mouth.

5 | Visit Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral.

Prague Castle is actually more of a small walled city with beautiful narrow alleys, historic buildings and the mammoth St. Vitus Cathedral church. Seated on the top of a hill just across the river from the city center, the views castle and cathedral are a sight to behold. I absolutely loved the colorful stained glass inside the cathedral so be sure to duck and take a peak.

After visiting the Cathedral head down to the deer moat, just outside of the castle. It’s a neat little retreat, nicely hidden just below the mobs of tourists. Constructed in 2002, it’s provides a peaceful link between two large fields hugging the castle walls.

6 | On Saturday, head down to the river to the Farmers Market.
Throughout the year a picturesque Farmers Market is setup along the river bank on Saturday mornings. Strolling the river walk, browsing local handcrafts and tasting scrumptious Czech specialties made for one of my favorite European mornings. Afterwards, continue further down the river (away from the old town) to the historic Vyšehrad Fort. Truly stunning views of the river and a small vineyard greet you at the top. Lovely.

7 | In the evening, grab drinks at Hotel U Prince’s gorgeous rooftop terrace.
For a lovely view of the twinkling Old Town Square the rooftop bar is the place to be. After your drinks are downed, head back downstairs to the cozy Black Angel’s Bar.

8 | Drink Pisner Urquell on the river!

I mentioned the Farmer’s Market already, which is further away from Old Town, the riverfront right beside the Old Town is not to be missed as it is very much a part of the Old Town vibe. We loved munching on popcorn and slurping down yummy Pilsner Urquell (a fantastic Czech pils) right on the river at Slovanka. Also a must (and incredibly popular with tourists), a stroll across the Charles Bridge.

Not sure where to stay?

Check out right in the Old Town center. Absolutely perfect location and ideal loft-style apartment for a couple. We’re definitely going to stay here when we return.

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Download Prague: A Quick Travel Guide to the Top 10 Things
Download Prague: A Quick Travel Guide to the Top 10 Things ...
[海外ブログ] Things to do in Prague -Ice Hockey
[海外ブログ] Things to do in Prague -Ice Hockey ...
Things to Do in Prague
Things to Do in Prague
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